Naming algorithm discovered

Naming is difficult.


I noticed an announcement that IBM has a cloud email service offering, at affordable per-seat prices.  IBM acquired Lotus years ago, and this seems a natural move for the Notes email app.  So what to call it?  They apparently got the Smarter Planet* people to do this mathematically.  I have reverse engineered the naming algorithm…

[new name] = ([IBM email subbrand 1], [IBM email subbrand 2]) *

([nemesis’ cloud cue], [universal coolness signal])

[new name] = (Lotus, Notes) * (Windows Live, [Apple’s “i”]+[anything])

[new name] = LotusLive iNotes




* Smarter Planet is a solid positioning campaign, in my opinion; credit to Ogilvy and John Kennedy.


1 Response to “Naming algorithm discovered”

  1. 1 Bill October 20, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    LOL – unfortunately, there is probably more than a little grain of truth to this algorithm!

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