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Will work for food

I recently founded a marketing consultancy, Inventive Branding, with three accomplished colleagues.  One of our first clients is a marketing firm in Singapore called 6-Shooter, led by my friend, Yeo Ai Ling, and a partner.  Ai Ling asked our help in positioning 6-Shooter vs. agencies in Southeast Asia.

Among other things, I suggested a tagline to 6-Shooter, based on their principals’ predilections, and their name:  “dangerously effective marketing.”  The Crispin Porter + Bogusky of Singapore.  Like Inventive Branding, 6-Shooter knows that courageously distinctive marketing yields greater return on investment.

My favor-to-a-friend price:  Singaporean chilli crab.  If you’ve enjoyed this in Singapore at an outdoor restaurant with cold beer and plenty of napkins, you know its estimable value.

A package arrived today with all manner of Singaporean yummies.  Wisely, 6-Shooter followed the advice of the fish mongers in not mailing frozen crabs from a city near the equator to Chapel Hill in summer.  But they sent plenty of chilli sauce for use on North Carolina crabs.  They also sent a wide variety of other SE Asian specialties.  I was reminded of the importance of language sensibilities in international marketing when reading the label on one package.

2009 06 22_3058

I warned my 13 year old daughter not to hog the stuff, and to share generously with her sisters.

Other food I might work for:  Szechuan spicy fish, Abbott’s chocolate almond frozen custard, Zweigle’s white hots, and anything from Frontera Grill in Chicago.