Better bacon banner ad

Here is the best banner ad I’ve seen in some time.


It ran at breakfast time on Engadget.  I’m thinking the ad network knows I’m male, and maybe even a Lenovo ThinkPad owner (the computer equivalent of bigger, better bacon).

The merits:  The category is clear (bacon).  The differentiating benefit is clear (bigger).  Potential objections are headed off (bigger might mean just a thicker slab of low quality fat).  They make use an onomatopoetic word to connect to powerful sensory triggers of bacon lust (can’t you just hear and smell the sizzle?).

When clicking through, you land at and get appropriate reinforcement of desire, and additional rational alibis to buy (“but honey, it’s award winning and natural”).  Awards, expert bacon guy, yummy pictures.  And in the lower right anchor spot:  where to buy.


One more click gives a clear list of locations.

But what on earth?  No incentive to buy online!  No FREE BAG OF PORK RINDS if you click to buy a case now and use PayPal?!  These people must not know online marketing.

All I can say is…I’m ready to go hunt and kill some of my own right now.  Maybe I’ll pick up some milk while I’m at it.


2 Responses to “Better bacon banner ad”

  1. 2 Therese Simonds May 7, 2009 at 8:57 am

    That’s it, breakfast for dinner, including bacon…..

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