Jump rope competition

Yes, there is such a thing.  Try to put out of your mind images of little girls in pigtails (they all have French braids in this sport) hopping along to rhymes about school.  This is Serious Business.

DSC_0169 serious

I have three daughters who are members of the five-time (in a row) national champion Bouncing Bulldogs of Chapel Hill.  They have been spending 15-20+ hours per week, including two-a-days, in the gym prepping for Regionals.  The throwdown was a couple of weekends back.  Regionals is the gateway to nationals for individual team members and their event groups.

The day starts with hair braiding at 6:30 (yes, there are also boys involved, most of whom do not braid their hair).

DSC_0541 cropped

Then come the speed events (single, relay, and double-dutch), freestyle (again with permutations), endurance (successive triple-unders until contestants collapse), and team show.  I spent the day (13 hours) scorekeeping and eating quantities of peanut M&Ms.

Some stats:  triple-unders went to around 165 for girls (try to do one); the fastest single rope speed competitors did six turns per second for a minute; the fastest double-dutch speed group was uncountable with human thumbs (they use those little thumb activated counters like you see at stadium events to count every other turn).  There are no stats for freestyle, but it is jaw-droppingly cool at times.  Even the names of the tricks are cool:  Two-Footed Frog, Awesome Annie, Jawmie…

Jump rope has been great for our girls.  I keep threatening to join in, but the kids shriek in horror at the thought.

I’ve attached a few more pictures (some from nationals) and here is a link to video of some good stuff.


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