Here, you can have it.

This blog is for you. While it is tempting to think of attracting readers through means of amusement or intrigue or cleverness, I will instead offer this blog as a gift.

All gifts are transactions. The giver considers what the recipient may desire, need, or at least tolerate. Then, some effort is made. The recipient decides first whether to receive the gift at all. Upon receiving it, he will evaluate it, use it, perhaps rid himself of it, and maybe give it to someone else. I hope you will receive it, because it will not be a gift unless you do.

I have thoughts about what would make a good gift, but surprises are often the best blessings.

If you are one of those people who likes to shake the box, here are some hints: Brand and Design; The Importance of Looney Tunes To Child Development; Install Your Aesthetic Compass with Japanese Gardens; How to Make a Death Swing; Marketing of “Commodities”; Philosophy of Faith; Advanced Sledding Techniques.


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